About us

Our company has more than 10 years of experience in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Today, we cooperate with many clients on the territory of Ukraine, in Europe and the United States.
We try to keep up with the times and to use in our work the latest technology in the production of the latest techniques and business in general.

Catching wholesale of cosmetic products, the main purpose of our company is:

1. Tracking of customer needs, and rapid response to their regularly-changing needs and demands.
2. Production of exclusive products, the quality of which is confirmed by the relevant certificates;
3. Creating win-win conditions for partners and dealers and achieving a high degree of efficiency in this cooperation.

We are ambitious and aim to become the market leader of products for health and beauty, offering quality and effective product to our consumers.

Our products are made in the manufacturing equipped with the latest technology under the supervision of qualified professionals who have appropriate education and experience. We debugged interaction with the major logistics companies, which as soon as possible deliver your order at your address.

We have a rich experience of cooperation with commercial enterprises how to engaged in the proliferation of cosmetic products, and we know what to offer to our partners and interest. Then and  our immediate task is to Рexpand the dealer network in the Baltic States and the Eastern European market.

Regularly participating in international exhibitions, we are always aware of the latest trends in modern cosmetology and respond timely to the new needs of customers.