AHA Emulsion 25%

AHA Emulsion 25%


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Product Description

Ingredients: malic acid, glycolic acid, citrus acid, lactic acid, tartaric acid.

Purpose: combined fruit peels – emulsion. Fruit acids (also called alfahydroacids or AHA acids) lighten the skin, making it more smooth, soft and elastic the same time, remove the first signs of ageing (shallow wrinkles, decreased tone). Alfahydroacids weaken the link between necrotic skin particles and help them to peel painlessly, clean sebaceous glands from sweatand fatty secretions and thereby reduce the risk of acne and blackheads, normalize lipid balance of the skin.


improves skin elasticity and tugor by increasing the inflow of moisture to it,

activates the regeneration of skin cells,

it can be used in all types of skin, even for a hypersensitive,

regulates sebum secretion,

sensitive skin care,


lightens age spots,

shallow wrinkles type of ageing.


individual intolerance of ingredients peeling composition,

violation of the integrity of the skin,

inflammation of the skin,

herpes in active phase,

pregnancy and lactation.

Size: 1fl.oz / 30ml.