Lactic peel 90%, ph2.8

Lactic peel 90%, pH 2.8


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Product Description

Ingredients: lactic acid, aqua, sodium hydroxide, hydrogenated castor oil, hydroxyethylcellulose.

Purpose: lactic acid is a natural component of the metabolic processes of the skin, has a moisturizing, whitening, and regenerative effect. Lactic acid improves the functional barrier. Moisturizing effect is achieved due to the transfer of water molecules to the surface of the skin and stimulate the synthesis of ceramide. Peeling has all the advantages and effects of alfahydroacid compositions – exfoliation, stimulation of cellular regeneration, improving microrelief of the skin, anti-pigmentation.

These properties allow to use milk for the hypersensitive skin peeling with signs of rosacea, when other peelings contraindicated.


dehydration of the epidermis,


sagging skin,

rejuvenation of the skin of hands,

hypersensitive skin with  the signs of rosacea,


intensive procedure’s skin.


individual intolerance of ingredients of peeling composition,

violation of the integrity of the skin,

inflammation of the skin,

herpes in active phase,

pregnancy and lactation.

Prepeeling: there it is used the drug for prepilinga with fruit acids of low concentration – it is necessary for better penetration of the active substance at the peeling and higher efficiency of the basic procedure. Prepiling is also used as a “provocation”, ie the checking for sensitivity of the skin to the active substance. Prepiling be ignored – but only if the procedure has already been carried out before and it is know how the skin respond to the application of certain concentration of lactic acid.

Size: 1fl.oz / 30ml.