Pre-peel 8%

Pre-peel 8%


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Product Description

Ingredients: water, malic acid, glycolic acid, citrus acid, lactic acid, tartaric acid, sodium lactate, sodium citrate, disodium tartrate, sodium malate.

Purpose: gradual habituation and adaptation of the skin to the action of acid. The need for a uniform admission to the skin. Provide improved effectiveness procedure.

Fruit-glycolic acid composition is ideal for the gentle care and preparation for peeling. It gives mild bleach, loosening, moisturizing effect. For local use in case of deep painful inflammatory elements in patients with acne.


individual intolerance of ingredients of peeling composition,

violation of the integrity of the skin,

herpes in active phase,

pregnancy and lactation.

Application: on clean skin, apply a layer of 1.5 mm with a cotton swab of 1-2 ml peeling. The time of exposure of the chemical composition is 5-7 minutes. After completion rinse with plenty of cool water and apply sunscreen with SPF factor. Frequency of the procedure can vary based on the individual features of patient and skin type.

Size: 1fl.oz / 30ml.