Salicylic-Glycolic peel, pH2.0

Salicylic-glycolic peel, pH2.0


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Product Description

Ingredients: the alcohol, citrus acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and water.

Purpose: it influences  on the structure of the epidermis, smooths surface and skin color improves significantly  the condition of the skin, without resorting to surgical methods of rejuvenation. It has powerful antiseptic and expressed cleansing properties, promotes the normalization of the sebaceous glands and narrows pores. Salicylic, glycolic peel can solve serious problems: reducing the severity of wrinkles, the presence of “holes” on the face from acne, multiple pigmentation of freckles.

Application: salicylic – glycolic peel has a healthy effect in acne (acne) and the problem of post-acne (a collective term that combines complex of persistent skin changes resulting of a long-term rash and seborrhea). Using in the preparation of glycolic acid having the lowest molecular weight and size, allows to solve the problems associated with hyperkeratosis, dry skin, formation of wrinkles and promote skin regeneration. It improves skin hydration and has antioxidative properties.

indications problematic oily skin (seborrhea),

acne (hyperkeratinization, clogged pores),

hyperpigmentation, including freckles,

prevention of photoageing,

very dry skin (feeling of tightness, reddening, roughening and / or peeling),


expansion of pores,

uneven skin texture,


stagnant spots,

post-inflammatory hyper and depigmentation.


individual intolerance of ingredients of peeling composition,

violation of the integrity of the skin,

inflammation of the skin,

herpes in active phase,

pregnancy and lactation.

Size: 1fl.oz / 30ml.