Salycilic-Resorcinol, pH1.6

Salycilic-resorcinol peel, pH1.6


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Product Description

Ingredients: the alcohol, resorcinol, salicylic acid.




flat warts,


severe psoriasis with hyperkeratosis,


burrowing hair,


Application: resorcinol-salicylic peel is considered a procedure with a surface or light median penetration. It softens the skin, promotes the synthesis of collagen in it, and the formation of new cells. Salicylic acid has a fat-dissolving properties, cleansing the skin from the fat penetrates into the enlarged pores, cleans them and reduces inflammation of the skin. Being a part of the peeling resorcinol kills bacteria and removes dead skin cells.


individual intolerance of ingredients peeling composition,

violation of the integrity of the skin,

inflammation in the skin,

herpes in active form,

severe somatic diseases, autoimmune diseases,


pregnancy, lactation,

chemotherapy and radiation therapy,

individual intolerance of ingredients of peeling composition,

pre-peeling training.

When the patient has a problem skin and acne he must daily for 10-14 days apply a preparation pre-peeling on clean skin.

Size: 1fl.oz / 30ml.