Products quality

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Our company pays great attention to quality control of production, constantly improving the available methods.
Used for the production of peelings raw materials they are checked up carefully in the laboratory equipped with a special equipment in order to achieve maximum benefit from its use.

Thus, given the tough technological and ecological control of the products, we are guarantee of its high quality one hundred percent, which is supported with the relevant documents.

When developing the product it is used as a classic time-tested formula, and the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology.

Perfect quality of our peelings HealthPeel is based on the fact that we have to make them:

We use raw materials of leading manufacturers in Europe, USA and Asia;
preparations contain a combination of the most active ingredients in safe concentrations permitted for use by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
We use only safe for the health and effective in their impact chemical components;
All products have been tested by leading dermatologists to determine their efficacy in clinical trials;

We regularly allocate funds for research in the field of modern cosmetology.

The production, which is used to make offer to our customers peelings meets the stringent requirements of the relevant international standards.

Our products are made on automated lines where human intervention is reduced only to managing the process.